This table features downloads of S&S contracts and documents. You can search or sort columns and rows by the tabbed arrows next to the column headings.

2017 Spring ChecklistPDF For 2017 Spring/SummerClick Here
2016 Winter ContractPDF For 2016 WinterClick Here
2016 Spring Service ContractPDF For 2016 Spring WorkDownload Here
2016 Riverside ContractPDF For 2016 Slips and ValetDownload
2015 Winter ContractPDF Winter ContractDownload
2015 Summer ContractPDF Summer ContractClick Here
2015 Slip & Valet ContractPDF Contract For Summer 2015 Slip or Valet RentalClick Here
2015 Venture TrailersPDF of Models and Specifications For Venture TrailersClick Here
2014 Winter Contract and PricingThis PDF is for winter service and the respective pricing for the services.Download
2013 Shrink WrappingUse this form to make a shrink wrapping reservation and to get pricing.Download
Customer Service Request FormNecessary to place on file with S&S prior to the commencement of any work. Download
2014 Spring ChecklistIncludes spring commissioning, mechanical work, bottom painting, stealing and general repairs.Download
2014 Riverside Boat Basin and Valet Summer ContractThis is the contract for summer valet service at S&S's Riverside Boat Basin.Download